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Private appointments to address specific needs.
With over 30 years experience, Tonia has a wealth of knowledge in this field. Through this method, she uses muscle testing to identify and correct issues such as food intolerances, emotional/psychological problems and physical ailments and pain.
She has been able to assist people with far ranging issues such as: digestive problems, weight loss, migraines, IBS, skin disease, acne, irritability, hormonal issues, anxiety, sleep deprivation, pelvic floor issues.
This technique is also excellent for non-verbal clients such as babies or people with intellectual disabilities.


Trained hands to feel and release tensions.
A favourite treatment amongst Tonia’ clients. Tonia inherited her healing touch from a paternal lineage of healers from South America.
Tonia uses massage, cranio-sacral and kinesio-acupuncture to bring a deep feeling of wellbeing and ease to the client.
Deep tissue release may be felt which will contribute restoring the body healing process. The client will find themselves in a deep state of relaxation while undergoing the treatment-and many do fall asleep.


The many applications of using the infinity symbol.
Over the years Tonia has helped and empowered many children with various degrees of learning difficulties: dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADD, ADHD as well as the emotional problems which come with these conditions.
Tonia has worked with nonverbal children using kinesiology, soft touch therapeutic massage and cranio-sacral therapy. She is trained and adept in knowing how to communicate with each child. Children take to Tonia natural ability to interact.
Tonia has also a vast experience with children on the autistic spectrum.
She has developed group classes to deal specifically with these issues.


The steps to a better health start at the feet.
People may come because they have a sore neck, back pain, bulged disc or sore feet.
Tonia will take pictures of the person´s posture before starting the treatment and after the body has been realigned. She points out the difference in postures and makes sure they develop an awareness of how the problems in their body are created and how they can be corrected.
This method empowers people´s ability to develop their proprioception in order to get out of pain and misalignment.
From that first encounter she will develop specific ranges of corrective exercises for the client. She will analyse their posture, both in standing and sitting and advise the correct way to bear weight while working.


Adults or children can benefit from free style movement to help the body unwind in a creative and safe environment.
The mind can absorb us.
It is very common to see clients caught in a cycle of anxiety or mental stress issues.
They need help and support to see clearly and regain control again.
Tonia with her vast training in movement and body understanding allows space for the whole body and mind to speak and express naturally.
This method helps mind and body unfold over time: high levels of anxiety disappear, issues with low self esteem and lack of confidence, feeling shy and socially inadequate.
Tonia also provides her clients with practical tools to deal with the body and mind when stresses may rise again.


A full hour of giving attention to your body in a group setting.

Adult Classes and children classes are available.
Tonia does a variety of group classes: such as:

Mobility and Restorative Stretch classes
Therapy ball and foam roller massage class
Natural Steps movement classes
Brain Body Integration classes


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